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Hola! Hiring

Let’s explore your journey. From welcoming an employee to getting them settled in your organization.

Initiate an email

First step; just send an email to the bot asking it to arrange the onboarding for the employee

Bot will scan email

Bot will read the email and checks for John Connor in the talent portal

A ticket is created

Bot will automatically create the ticket in the system to initiate the onboarding process

Employee ID is created

System will automatically create an employee ID and assign it to personnel being onboarded

Its official now!

Lets welcome John Connor to LS Corporation.

Plans training calendar

Relax and let bot schedule candidate’s training calendar to get them started with next steps

Enables access

Platform will automatically create access and approvals needed for the candidate

Send info to front desk

Candidate info & joining info is shared with the front desk automatically

Initiate email to IT

Platform will automatically send email to the IT team to issue laptop & peripherals to the candidate

Adds across all business apps

Tool will automatically add the candidate into employee management tool, payroll, L&D and more

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